Wellness Websites and Additional Information

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Looking for more information on a wellness related topic? Below are links to several wellness related websites that you might find helpful.

We are always adding new content, so please check back regularly.

General Wellness Information

  • Global Wellness Institute: Provides an overview of the multiple dimensions of wellness, the wellness continuum, and differences between wellness and well-being.
  • National Wellness Institute: An educational wellness site offering a wide range of online learning and certificate courses.
  • Online Wellness Institute: An online wellness education site that offers course training in a variety of disciplines.
  • Econation: A website providing an educational overview of well-being and its various dimensions.
  • Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance: Provides personal goal setting and training toolkits and workbooks for multi-dimensional wellness.
  • The Learning Portal: Features a series of educational wellness modules and a well-being assessment.

Mental Wellness

  • Wellness Together Canada: A comprehensive mental health site offering instructional/educational support and access to key mental health services.
  • Mental Health Literacy: An educational site aimed at promoting mental health literacy and understanding with respect to common issues such as stress, stigma, drug use, and suicide.
  • eMental Health Canada: Features a searchable compilation of key mental health resources such as counselling, therapy, and crisis support, customizable by location.
  • Fraser Health: Offers a holistic overview of mental health and wellness, self-assessment techniques, strategies for self-care, and resources.

Physical Wellness

  • Mayo Clinic: Features a comprehensive informational database of health conditions, risk factors, and prevention/treatment strategies.
  • WebMD: Offers comprehensive information on a wide variety of diseases, conditions, and health topics.
  • Verywell Health: Features educational health articles with advice and FAQs on a variety of health topics.
  • Healthline: A health-oriented media site featuring information about common health conditions, product reviews, and “spotlight” articles.

Intellectual Wellness

  • Brain HQ: Provides a list of strategies to increase intellectual wellness and stimulate mental functioning and creativity.

Relational Wellness

  • Vital Work Life: Provides an overview of relational well-being, strategies to improve interpersonal relations, and tools/questions for self-assessment.

Vocational Wellness

  • Work Wellness Institute: Offers a series of e-courses and webinars on strategies to create/foster effective and healthy workplace environments.
  • Achurch: Offers self-assessment questions/strategies for effective workplace behavior in multiple areas, including personal performance, interpersonal relations, and growth/development.

Cultural Wellness

  • National Wellness Institute: Provides a discussion on the benefits of incorporating multicultural policies and practices into workplace culture (some principles are US-specific, many are more broadly applicable).
  • Diversity Resources: A leadership-oriented discussion on strategies to manage cultural diversity in the workplace.
  • Center for Creative Leadership: Provides a leadership and training framework for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Spiritual Wellness

Financial Wellness

Environmental Wellness

  • National Institutes of Health: An educational toolkit offering a series of strategies for individuals to improve their environmental wellness in home and outdoor settings.