Get Involved in ENGWellness

We're always looking for more ways to collaborate with our fantastic Faculty of Engineering Community!

Do you have a wellness initiative that would support you and your peers? Maybe an event that you would like to see/host, or a workshop, seminar, or talk that would be of interest to our community? Perhaps you would like to contribute a wellness break, blog post, or story to share? If you're interested in partnering with the FoE Wellness Program or contributing to our content, please connect with us and we would be thrilled to chat. Check out below for additional ways that you can get involved in FoE Wellness!

Contact Information for Questions/Concerns

If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, or inquiries, please connect with the Community Wellness Team. We'll do our best to reply as soon as we are able. Thank you for your interest in getting involved in FoE Wellness!

Become a FoE Well-being Champion!

Are you passionate about improving well-being for yourself and others within our community? Become a FoE Well-being Champion. The goal of the Well-being Champions is to help monitor and enhance the well-being of all members of the FoE community. This is done by championing well-being initiatives and promoting well-being strategies within your program or unit, and by facilitating well-being enhancing interactions with others. (Well-being Champions have been approved as service hours for faculty.) For more information on becoming a Well-being Champion, contact the Community Wellness Team.

Sign up to be an MME/ECE Undergraduate Wellness Representative!

The goal of the Wellness Representative initiative is to help monitor and enhance the well-being of Electrical, Computer, Mechanical, and Mechatronics Undergraduate Engineering students in an organic, peer-supported manner. This is done not only by championing wellness initiatives and promoting wellness strategies within these departments, but also by encouraging interactions amongst peers that would occur organically anyways.

For students in programs other than MME and ECE, contact your program contact to inquire about Wellness Representative initiatives in your department.