Wellness Framework & Strategic Initatives

Wellbeing is a state of overall flourishing. Wellness is a dynamic state that fluctuates for many reasons from a poor night’s sleep to larger, life-impacting events. In The Faculty of Engineering (FoE), we utilize a nine-dimensional model and strive to support, and provide resources, to our community members across the nine dimensions: physical, intellectual, emotional, relational, vocational, cultural, spiritual, financial, and environmental. 

In the Waterloo Engineering Strategic Plan 2020-2025, the FoE committed to fostering a collaborative culture of wellbeing, empowerment, and sustainability. 

As part of our commitment to the wellbeing of our community, the FoE has implemented numerous strategic initiatives, with plans to implement more. While not an exhaustive list, highlights of our current activities are presented below. 

We will continue to build and nurture an inclusive community where everyone feels they belong and are able to contribute. We will evaluate the environment created through our policies and procedures and hold them up to a standard of improved well-being for all who are part of the Faculty of Engineering.