On-demand & pre-recorded wellness sessions

With our busy lives, it can be difficult to find the time to attend workshops. For those who are looking for the convenience of pre-recorded sessions, below is a list of organizations offering a recorded sessions on wide range of mental health and wellbeing topics. Also be sure to check out the pre-recorded workshops and self-directed programs available through Counselling Services. The Re-wiring for Happiness Toolkit maybe especially helpful. The sessions were designed to support University of Waterloo students; however, the content is applicable for all stages of life.

We add new content regularly, so please checkback frequently. If you have any pre-recorded sessions you recommend, please send us the information through the feedback form below.

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University Resources:

Students: Counselling Services has on-demand wellness sessions and programs on a variety of topics, including the Rewiring for Happiness Toolkit and Mind Body Run. See the Group Therapy and Workshops website (scroll to bottom).

Employees: Homewood Health Homeweb Online Courses (registration required): Educational online material aimed at fostering healthy work, home, and life habits (sign-up required for access).

Community Resources

  • Alison: A series of online courses covering personal growth and wellness strategies for individuals. Certificates/diplomas awarded upon completion (sign-up required for access).
  • CMHA Mental Health Courses: A range of online and in-person courses offered by the CMHA to promote mental and emotional wellness (registration required).
  • HSI: Health and wellness training videos on a variety of mental, physical, financial, and vocational wellness topics (no registration required).
  • Ottawa Thrive Psychology: Informational videos on various mental health and wellness topics, including depression, empathy, body language, and interpersonal relations (no registration required).
  • Psychiatric Wellness Center: Educational videos on a variety of emotional and physiological wellness topics, including anxiety, depression, and burnout (no registration required).
  • Resonate Wellness: A series of expert discussions on the inter-connections between mood, stress, cognition, and brain physiology (no registration required).
  • Wellbeing Online: A YouTube channel educating viewers on techniques for cultivating mindfulness, healthy thought patterns, and other constructive mental health habits. Created by clinical psychologists, no registration required.
  • Workplace Strategies for Mental Health: A series of workshops and educational videos on best practices in cultivating mental wellness in the workplace (no registration required).

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