Graduate Students

EngSoc Resources

The following resources were created by EngSoc specifically for undergraduate students, however much of the information provided is relevant for all members of the FoE community.

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Resources for all Grad Engineering Students

The following resources are open to all undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering:

  • Academic resources
  • Training and professional resources
  • Personal growth and development
  • Financial resources
  • Peer support resources
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity resources

Resources for All Engineering Graduate Students

Academic Resources

Please contact your graduate studies coordinators for further specific department inquiries.

Training & Professional Development Resources

  • GRADventure - central hub of professional development resources and programs designed specifically for graduate students at the University of Waterloo: relevant programs, resources, special events listings, and details about upcoming workshops that were designed to help you develop core skills and competencies that are essential in both academic and professional contexts.
  • Centre for Career Action - offers a wide variety of professional and development services to assist our graduate community, including job search assistance, resume reviews, and mock interviews.
  • Writing and Communication Centre (WCC) - academic support unit that supports students, staff, and faculty as they build communication excellence at the University of Waterloo.
  • Safety Office - provides consultation and support services to the University community on matters relating to environmental and occupational health and safety. They support the development of health and safety programs, procedures, guidelines and training.
  • Teaching Assistantship in the Faculty of Engineering - offers graduate students the chance to support the learning of undergraduate students while building skills that will support them in their academic careers. Includes training required to become a teaching assistant in the Faculty of Engineering (expecTAtions)

Funding, Research, and Ethics


  • Find Postdoctoral Funding - offers postdoctoral fellows information about some key fellowship opportunities and potential sources of funding.
  • Apply for Funding - All funding applications must be submitted to the Office of Research prior to sponsor submission for a review of eligibility and compliance with sponsor and institutional policies, procedures, and certifications.
  • Research Grants - available research grants for projects in specific industries.


  • Office of Researchthe university's central point connecting scientists on campus or those associated with Waterloo to opportunities for funding and services, including commercialization.
  • Engineering Research Office (ERO) - grant guidelines, proposal development, and central office for inquiries for research in the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Research Partnerships - information on negotiating research agreements through the University of Waterloo Office of Research to protect researchers and and the University from risks inherent in binding legal agreements.


Personal Growth and Development

  • Parenting or planning a family - resources and supports (including bursaries) available for graduate students who are parents (or prospective parents)
  • Managing Imposter Phenomenon - information and resources that can help manage imposter phenomenon: an internal experience of intellectual phoniness marked by the inability of an individual to internalize professional successful experiences despite having objective evidence of such achievements.
  • Maintaining a positive relationship with your supervisor - information and resources on maintaining a healthy and professional relationship with your supervisor, including expectations, responsibilities, and resolving conflicts.
  • Avoiding predatory publishing - information on avoiding publishers that take advantage of the pay-to-publish model, lying about applying the same rigorous standards as reputable publications. These publications do not provide peer or editorial review generally, are generally not indexed (and therefore searchable by other researchers), and may not remain on the web for long.

Financial Resources

Student Societies and Associations

Departmental Graduate Student Associations

Women in Engineering (WiE)

Supports current women-identifying engineers and students while encouraging the next generation of women to pursue careers in engineering. This program was established to address the issues that women engineers face and encourage more girls to pursue engineering and better reflect the gender ratio of the general population within the profession.

Some of their programming includes:

Graduate Student Association (GSA-UW) - All Graduate Students

The Graduate Student Association – University of Waterloo (GSA-UW) - official representative of graduate students at UWaterloo. As such, they are happy to provide graduate students at UWaterloo with academic support, a social community, mental and physical health supports, legal aid, as well as advocacy and representation. They actively promote and represent graduate student interests to the university administration and all levels of government. Their work and services are designed to enhance the academic and social experience of graduate students at UWaterloo.

Here is a listing of some useful services offered by the GSA-UW:

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Resources

  • Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Anti-Racism - works with students, faculty and staff across campus to advance anti-racism and equity through evidence-based policies, practices and programs.
  • Office of Indigenous Relations - central hub for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis students, faculty, and staff, along with allies within the University of Waterloo community. Their work is rooted in the goals of indigenization, decolonization, and reconciliation.
  • GLOW Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity - university-based 2SLGBTQ+ group in Canada. Run entirely by dedicated student volunteers, Glow promotes a healthy attitude towards all sexual orientations and gender identities on the University of Waterloo campus by providing a wide variety of peer support, social events, advocacy work, and resources.
  • Racial Advocacy for Inclusivity, Solidarity, and Equity (RAISE) - student-led WUSA service to address racism and xenophobia on the University of Waterloo campus.
  • Women's Centre - provides a female-positive and supportive environment on campus for all women and trans* folks. Volunteers are trained to provide peer support with an intersectional lens and can help connect you with resources about sexual health, healthy relationships, mental health, and more.

If you're in need of more resources, or not sure who to connect with, please contact the ENGWellness Team.