XDM requirements

In the XDM program, students have the option of completing their degree  by coursework, or through a combination of coursework and a major research/creative project.  Additionally, students in all MA streams must complete an academic-integrity workshop requirement and a language requirement.


XDM coursework layout

Major research/creative project (MRP)

XDM mrp layout

The major research/creative project centres on the design and creation of a digital artefact, accompanied by a critical analysis focusing on the theoretical and cultural context of the project and its aim. The project analysis must be 30-35 pages in length, and the passing grade is 70%.

Students must arrange for a supervisor and a reader, both of whom must be members of the faculty, and under their guidance prepare a proposal to submit to the English Graduate Committee. The proposal is due the first day of the third month of the second term of study: March 1 for Winter term, July 1 for Spring term and November 1 for Fall term.

The MRP is due to the supervisor and reader in your last term of study: April 1 for Winter term, August 1 for Spring term and December 1 for Fall term. They will then assess it and submit your program completion form by that term’s grading deadline.

Digital copies of the completed and approved MRP should be supplied to the supervisor and reader(s) by the student, unless the supervisor specifies otherwise.