Funding for International Research Masters Students

Guaranteed funding

Incoming international research master's students in the Faculty of Environment are guaranteed $22,000 over the course of their program. This applies to full-time incoming students in good academic standing. Many students receive more than the minimum funding.

Funding packages for exceptional research masters students

Highly qualified international students within a research masters program may be selected for an International Master’s Award of Excellence (IMAE). No application is required, candidates are automatically assessed upon applying to a program. More information on the IMAE can be can be found here. 

Eligibility: Open to international students (those studying in Canada on a study permit). Must be enrolled in a research masters program full-time (Geography [thesis option], Sustainability Management, Planning [thesis option], Social and Ecological Sustainability [thesis option]). More selection criteria for the IMAE can be can be found here. 

Waterloo awards and scholarships

The University of Waterloo has over 100 awards and funding opportunities for students in the Faculty of Environment. Some awards require an application, while others are awarded through Faculty/Department selection. The full database of awards and scholarships can be found on the GSPA website.

Notable awards that you may be eligible for include:

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Questions regarding funding can be directed to:

Lori McConnell
Graduate Program Assistant
Assistant to the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
EV1-335 ext. 36574

Simron Singh
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
EV3-4227, ext. 33111