Undergraduate Incidental Fees Fall 2022

Incidental fees are subject to change.

Incidental fees are non-tuition fees charged to all University of Waterloo students. The specific fees charged reflect the nature of each fee and the services associated with it, as well as ensuring you maximum flexibility and minimized exposure to the risk of not having critical services (eg. health & dental insurance coverage). To ensure a consistent, predictable and supportive student experience for all students, regardless of where and how you are taking your course(s):

  • If you are enrolled in 1.5 or more units, you will be charged the full-time incidental fees.
  • If you are enrolled in fewer than 1.5 units, you will be charged the part-time incidental fees.

You can choose to opt out of the term-specific optional and voluntary fees charged to your student account by the opt out deadline for each term. All other incidental fees are related to facilities and services of an ongoing nature, many of which are available remotely, rather than to access/use of those services and facilities during specific terms and have been approved with student input to be compulsory.

Incidental fees charged to your student account may change as a result of adding/dropping/swapping courses or changing your program (including co-op to regular, regular to co-op, work term to academic term)

The University collects specific and limited personal information on behalf of the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association and the Graduate Student Association. This information is used for membership administration, elections, annual general meetings, and the administration of student benefit plans and is disclosed to the two organizations and external plan providers solely for those purposes. Students should contact the office of either group if they have any questions about this matter.


A particular four-month period of course study. Students are charged fees one term at a time. Due date is normally prior to the start of term.

  • Fall Term – September to December
  • Winter Term – January to April
  • Spring Term – May to August 




Student Society Fees - compulsory

  • assessed by the university, on behalf of WUSA
  • assessed to all undergraduate students in specific faculties who are enrolled full-time
  • supports student society activities
  • contact the society directly at the beginning of the term to inquire about their refund process
Charge per term Full-time students Part-time students
Engineering Society (EngSoc) & Waterloo Architecture Student Association (WASA) $18.44 + 13% HST n/a
Mathematics Society (MathSoc) $14.79 + 13% HST n/a
Society of Pharmacy Students (SOPhS) $35.00 + 13% HST n/a
Mathematics Society (MathSoc) - Software Engineering $14.79 + 13% HST n/a
Engineering Society (EngSoc) - Software Engineering $18.44 + 13% HST n/a