A Discussion on Health and Games

Tuesday, July 5, 2022 1:30 pm - 1:30 pm EDT (GMT -04:00)

Join us on July 5th at 1:30 for a panel discussion with three Games Institute (GI) faculty members about their work in games and health. This event will be held both online and in-person and the GI. The panel will feature Dean of Health Dr. Lili Liu, Associate Professor Dr. Michael Barnett-Cowan and SYDE Instructor Dr. John Muñoz.

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Dr. Lili Liu is a Professor in the School of Public Health Sciences, and Dean of the Faculty of Health at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada. Her research examines ways technologies can help older adults and family caregivers. Dr. Liu's research program involves partners such as Alzheimer Societies, police services, search and rescue services, and dementia advocacy and caregiver associations, nationally and internationally. Dr. Liu will be discussing her project “Feasibility and Acceptability of a Serious Mobile-Game Intervention for Older Adults.

Dr. Michael Barnett-Cowan is an Associate Professor of Neuroscience in the Department of Kinesiology, and the Director of the Multisensory Brain and Cognition Lab, which seeks to determine how the brain integrates multisensory information. The lab uses different techniques such as psychophysics, neuroimaging, brain stimulation, motion tracking, and virtual reality to assess cognitive function, time perception, object recognition, decision-making, and coordinated movements in the normal, injured, diseased, and aging brain. Dr Barnett-Cowan will be discussing his work in assessing multisensory integration in real and virtual environments and applications to health."

Dr. John Muñoz is a research scientist and game designer interested in using human body signals to create more "humanized" assistive technologies based on games and interactive systems. John’s research has been applied mainly in healthcare scenarios from physical activity promotion for the seniors to neurorehabilitation games for stroke patients. John has designed and co-developed a dozen videogames interfaced with physiological sensors such as brain-computer interfaces (BCI), heart rate monitors, depth cams, and wearable electromyography armbands as well as a set of software tools that to promote the synergy between physiological computing and gaming. Dr Muñoz will be discussing “Seas the Day” a VR experience on the Oculus Quest designed to improve the health of older adults.

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