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Dr. Barnett-Cowan's Research Showcased at Ontario Science Centre

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Biometrics: The Machine Inside exhibit, gives visitors at the Ontario Science Centre a hands-on look at the natural engineering that drives human and animal movement.

Guests are invited to test drive a virtual reality headset to have their balance tested as part of a study looking into how the brain makes sense of the world. Games Institute member, Michael Barnett-Cowan, is a professor in kinesiology leading this research.

The aim is to gain insight into the potential genetic basis of motion sickness. "Identifying a genome linked to balance will help health practitioners identify those individuals at risk for falls - which is a serious concern with an aging population", said Barnett-Cowan. It is estimated that up to 30% of the population carry the genome for motion related sickness, which can be investigated through the use of virtual reality devices.

Additional research conducted by Barnett-Cowan and his team can be found on their website here. Be sure to visit the Ontario Science Centre exhibit until May 7th to learn more about the Biometrics exhibit!