First Person Scholar announces new Editor in Chief and Co-managing Editors

Thursday, September 17, 2020

First Person Scholar officially announced the instalment of a new Editor in Chief and two Co-managing Editors, steering the middle-state publication into exciting directions and carrying on with the great legacy established by their predecessors.

In the article "It's Dangerous to Go Alone: A Tale of Three Editors" First Person Scholar announces what readers can expect from this transition and shares messages from the new Editor in Chief, Sabrina Sgandurra, and Co-managing Editors Patrick Dolan, and Lillian A. Black.

Sabrina Sgandurra is the Editor in Chief and Book Reviews and Interviews Section Head

"As Editor-in-Chief and head of Book Reviews and Interviews, I’m dedicated to giving voices to those who are often silenced, and building a strong sense of community around FPS. It’s time to tear down the Ivory tower, and I can’t wait to make that part of the journey."

- Sabrina

Patrick Dolan is the Co-managing Editor and Essays Section Head

"FPS, and the many publications like it, are indispensable. They not only lift up marginalized voices in games criticism but also kick open the doors of academia for us all to play together. Facilitating a more open and accessible conversation can only be beneficial for society at large. Let’s dissolve the silos and perish together!"


Lillian A. Black is the Co-managing Editor and Commentaries Section Head

"As the head of commentaries, I recommend every contributor make the same move I do: to push back against the idea that your work should be removed from yourself. We all have a stake in the work we do, and there is no reason that should be removed from the words we share."

- Lia