Games, Aging, and Health: Networking Social, and Learning Event

Friday, November 25, 2022

In partnership with the GI, AGE-WELL hosted a hybrid networking event for researchers, industry professionals, and advocates in public health and aging on November 18th. The event was managed by Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Hector Perez (School of Public Health Sciences) and PhD students Adebusola Adekoya (School of Public Health Sciences) and Isabella Rosa Chawrun (School of Public Health Sciences). All three are members of the Aging and Innovation Research Program (AIRP) and the AGE-WELL network.

The event was opened by Dr. Lili Liu, Dean of Health; and Dr. Neil Randall, Executive Director of the GI, who discussed the changing landscape of Health Research involving digitization. Featured speakers included: Dr. Victor Ferandez, and GI members Dr. John Muñoz (J&F Alliance Group) and Samira Mehrabi (School of Public Health Sciences), as well as demos of games designed for cognitive rehabilitation and social engagement.

The event aimed to foster a community of innovative research to explore how games and interactive technologies can support aging people living well. People were invited to try games designed for cognitive rehabilitation and social engagement and to learn about what games, health, and older adults have in common.