GI Members Participate in the Global Game Jam

Saturday, February 12, 2022

The Winter semester GI Jam was hosted as part of the Global Game Jam from January 26 – 30. Game makers of all ages and abilities came together to improve their game design skills. The four-day long jam provided tutorials and discussions on how to brainstorm, prototype, and develop games. Game Jam captains Alexander Glover and Arielle Grinberg led participants through paper prototypes and game concepts and helped them explore game mechanics, narrative, and artwork in addition to programming. At the end of the event, two games were created and presented.

Overload is a 2D adventure puzzle RPG based game where players can explore dungeons and fend off foes to keep themselves alive.

Sword & Shield is a 3D action arcade RPG game that allows players to fight their way through a barrage of enemies using a sword and shield.