Haptics Computing Lab launches new website

Friday, January 31, 2020

The Haptic Computing Lab (HCL), led by Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Prof. Oliver Schneider, launched their website this week. HCL is a group of interdisciplinary scholars from the University of Waterloo, joined in their collective goal to research haptic computing tools and touch systems to better understand how to assist the creation, deployment, and study of haptic technologies.

HCL is closely affiliated with the Games Institute and are building a CFI-funded makerspace in the GI for people interested in working with physical interfaces and haptic technology.

Visitors to the site can follow updates and learn more about the team of researchers, currently spanning the fields Psychology, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Systems Design Engineering, and Management Sciences. The team intends to attract more interdisciplinary perspectives as they grow.

With two papers accepted to one of the largest international HCI conference, Association for Computing Machinery: Computer-Human Interaction (ACM CHI) 2020, HCL will be sharing research updates via their news items, and general informational advice on their blog.

Click here to explore their site! Read more about what they do and learn how you can get involved.