A Panel Discussion on Games and Education

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

On November 22nd, GI members Drs. Jennifer Whitson (Sociology and Legal Studies), Kristina Llewellyn (Social Development Studies), and Steve Wilcox (University of Wilfrid Laurier) discussed the intersection between education and games. The panel was moderated by Research Communications Officer Dr. Emma Vossen, who has also worked as a games educator in the past.

They explored how virtual reality (VR) can be used to improve teaching Canadian history, how game design and game studies differ as well as the job prospects of game design and development students moving into the games industry. The three panelists discussed their respective games and education projects.Dr. Llewellyn discussed the VR history experience Digital Oral Histories of Reconciliation (DOHR), Dr. Whitson presented “The First Three Years” and an ongoing study into the state of games education in Canada, and Dr. Wilcox spoke to the various educational knowledge mobilization games he has designed on topics such as bullying of food-allergic children, accessibility of sexual health services, family violence, and diabetes self-management.