Expansion Building

In June 2014 the Board of Governors’ Building and Properties Committee approved the plan to construct a four-storey, 56,000 square-foot-facility incorporating specialized research and teaching facilities, a 350-seat lecture theatre and student work spaces.

A ground-breaking ceremony was then held in December 2014 to celebrate, and marked the start of a 16-month project to link B.C. Matthews Hall with the Lyle Hallman Institute for Health Promotion.

The Expansion Building opened in Fall 2016, and includes kinesiology research and teaching labs, as well as a 350-seat lecture theatre for classes, public lectures and conferences. The building houses the University’s School of Anatomy, one of only a few anatomy labs outside of medical schools in Ontario. It also contains a graduate student seminar room, offices and a number of student workspaces.

Expansion Building.

Progress was recorded via an image gallery of the Expansion Building construction, and a timelapse of site renovation and framing can be found below: