Strategic plan priority B: Impactful research

Research participant wearing eye tracking helmut in sensory lab.

The Faculty will use its disciplinary and interdisciplinary strengths to solve increasingly complex, real-world health problems.

Goal 1: Enhance research opportunities and knowledge translation through collaborative partnerships (university, community groups, industry, organizations, etc.)

To achieve this goal, we will pursue these objectives:

  • Be a leader in the University’s establishment of a new interdisciplinary institute on health and technology
  • Enhance the Faculty’s research visibility
  • Celebrate research partnerships and benefits with stakeholders
  • Measure and reward campus cross-disciplinary and external stakeholder engagement

Goal 2: Leverage innovative social, natural and health sciences research to engage and address complex real-world health challenges (e.g., aging, mental health, workplace health, environmental/climate change, social isolation and chronic diseases)

To achieve this goal, we will pursue these objectives:

  • Leverage technology to support research
  • Use the classroom as a launch pad for exploring contemporary challenges
  • Catalyze partnerships among interdisciplinary researchers to respond to strategic initiatives

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