Reflections from Maddy Ryken

Practice what you preach

Maddy Ryken, who is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, Honours Recreation and Sport Business, says that students need to ensure they prioritize their own well-being, especially those studying in Applied Health Sciences (AHS).

Maddy Ryken.“Whether it’s going to the gym or making time for friends, it is important that we as AHS students practice what we preach,” Ryken says. “Things can get overwhelming sometimes, but the Faculty is such a supportive community and you are never alone.”

Throughout her time at Waterloo, Ryken worked with several university offices: Undergraduate Marketing and Recruitment, Housing and Residences, the Student Success Office and the Athletic Department. “I really enjoyed meeting new people through the residence program and intramural sports leagues,” she says.

She also loved the experiential learning opportunities her program offered: a Program Management and Evaluation retreat, a trip to the MLSE Launchpad in Toronto, and her practicum with the City of Kitchener’s Special Events Department.

All these experiences contributed to her success at university and in the program, and will continue to frame her future endeavours, starting with her current position as the manager of a gymnastics centre in London, Ontario. 

As for the global health circumstances under which she is graduating, she says, “It’s such a crazy time to be in this field! More than ever, it is important to recognize a holistic concept of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. I think the pandemic has made that clear.