If you find it difficult to adequately plan for major tests or assignments, you are not alone!

This presentation will introduce a strategy that can help you make a comprehensive study plan that allow sufficient time to study for all of your tests or assignments. Many students find that they study well for the first test but that subsequent tests don’t get as much attention as work builds up across several course. 

All undergraduate Health students are invited to this series of hybrid workshops covering some key skills for academic success in university!

To get the most out of this workshop, bring a device that you can access your course syllabi on. This workshop will be hosted by Julie-Anne Desrochers, Student Success Officer, and Vivienne Hang, Student Relations Officer.

Light refreshments will be provided. No registration required.

If you would like to join us virtually or to review content asynchronously after this session has passed, please contact Vivienne Hang, Student Relations Officer at hlthsro@uwaterloo.ca for access. 

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