Dean's Update - June 2020


Lili LiuDear staff, faculty, and graduate students,

The proposal to change our name to the Faculty of Health has passed at Faculty Council, so it will now go to Senate and the Board of Governors in the fall. I am excited by what this new name will mean for us. I believe that being known as the Faculty of Health would increase our visibility as the health-related experts on campus, especially at a time when the University is considering how to incorporate the concept of health into its branding, The concept is used broadly, beyond the health professions, to represent all aspects of our well-being, and we are well positioned to address this holistic view of health in our Faculty.

Externally, and from my experience connecting with international administrators, it is also easier for partners to remember and understand what Health means, versus Applied Health Sciences. While we love our AHS acronym, and all the ways that it has become part of our story since 1990, I feel confident that we will do the same with our new name. I also look forward to spending more time talking about our education programs, research and community connections at recruitment events like the Ontario Universities' Fair. 

I appreciate that some students, faculty and staff are attached to our current name, but I do think the new one will be able to take us further at a time when the concept of health is at the forefront of our minds and reaches beyond provincial and national priorities. I believe it represents all the research we are doing, whether it's applied or basic, and it encompasses the sciences and the arts. I will keep you updated as our proposed Faculty name change progresses through the approval process.

All the best,
Lili Liu

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Ellen MacEachen receives COVID-19 Rapid Research funding

Ellen MacEachenEllen MacEachen in the School of Public Health and Health Systems is one of two Waterloo researchers to receive COVID-19 Rapid Research funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). She and co-investigators Shannon Majowicz and Samantha Meyer will use the $162,000 to investigate the role of disease transmission in the gig economy, and how to protect these workers. CIHR funded a total of 139 projects in this competition.

Kimberly Lopez named 2020 Emerging Scholar 

Kimberly LopezKimberly Lopez in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies has received the 2020 Emerging Scholar Award from the Canadian Association of Leisure Studies (CALS). The award is presented to an individual who has had a significant impact on the way leisure is understood and in the way it affects the lives of Canadians.

New AHS Graduate Mentorship Awards

Congratulations to Katie Misener (Recreation and Leisure Studies) for receiving the inaugural Senior Mentorship Award, and to Michaela Devries-Aboud (Kinesiology) for the Emerging Mentorship Award. This recognition aims to reward faculty members who have made a significant impact in the mentorship of graduate students.

AHS Teaching and TA Awards

Chris VignaThis year's Applied Health Sciences Teaching Award goes to Chris Vigna in Kinesiology. The TA Award recipients are: Veronica Sacco (SPHHS), Justin Davidson (Kinesiology), Liliana Bressan (SPHHS) and Jaylyn Leighton (Recreation and Leisure Studies). The Faculty presents these awards annually to recognize exceptional teaching ability, and this year saw a record number of nominees. Congratulations to all!

Next steps for AHS Strategic Plan

Now that the Faculty's Strategic Plan is in the implementation phase, the Dean's Office is setting up working committees to determine specific actions to achieve our goals and objectives. There will be four committees, each one addressing one of the priorities: Meaningful Education, Impactful Research, Culture of Health and Well-being and Internal and External Community Engagement. Some committees will have sub-groups, such as one on Indigeneity and one on anti-racism, and we have already had some members of the community volunteer for these. If you are interested in shaping our Faculty in any of these priority areas, please contact Katherine Marshall.

New chair for the Advisory Committee on Health and Well-being

Mark FerroChris Perlman will be stepping down as chair of the Dean’s Advisory Committee on Health and Well-being as of July 1, having served for three years. Mark Ferro, who has been a committee member since its inception (except during his sabbatical), has been appointed as chair as of July 1 for a three-year term. Thank you both, Chris and Mark.


Please note that all in-person events have been cancelled or postponed until further notice.

Advancing in the Academy: July 8

Dean Lili Liu will be a panelist on Leadership, Intersectionality and Advancing in the Academy, along with several others, to explore issues of diversity by women-identified senior administrators and recruiters in the academy. Hosted by the Office of Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion, this online event will take place July 8 from 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Advance registration is required.
Round headshots of the five speakers

Equity workshops: July

Staff, faculty and students are encouraged to attend equity workshops offered by the Office of Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion. There are different topics featured in July, including Let's Talk about Privilege, Equity 101 and Anti-Racism workshops.


Dean's Office staffing change

The Dean's Office would like to express a heartfelt thank-you to Alyssa Dobranski, who has been working at the front desk as Dean's Office Assistant while Bernice Ma has been on secondment and parental leave. Bernice returns on July 13, and Alyssa will overlap with her until July 17. Many thanks, Alyssa, and welcome back, Bernice!

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