Recreation student awarded grant for social innovation

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Winter 2016 social impact award winners holding plaques.

Left to Right: Tina Chan, Laura Morrison, Zied Etleb, Ashwin Vadivelu, Alexandra Wong

Five St. Paul’s GreenHouse ventures received grants to develop their socially minded products and services at the most recent GreenHouse Social Impact Showcase.

Every term, the live-in social impact incubator awards promising applicants seed money to develop prototypes or launch their ventures. The awards are presented at the Social Impact Showcase, which includes community members from the social innovation and tech startup community, as well as students, staff, and faculty. 

Recreation and Leisure Studies student Laura Morrison was among this term's recipients. As founder of GameChanger Sports, Laura will use sports and recreation to recode traditional ideas of masculinity, a context in which many important relationships occur and ideals are adopted.

Also receiving funding was Zied Etleb, founder of Curiato and winner of Hack4Health, hosted by Faculty of Applied Health Sciences and MAREP in 2015. His initiative will help patients, practitioners, and caretakers better understand bedsores through the creation of a patient information web portal, and will eventually design a smart mattress to prevent bedsores.