Graduate student-led initiative fund

The Faculty of Health Dean’s Advisory Committee on Health and Well-being takes a holistic approach that focuses on the determinants of health and well-being. It considers strategies for mental and physical health promotion within formal and informal Faculty activities, policies and procedures to create a supportive and safe community seeking resources to support those with needs. The committee’s mandate encompasses:

  • the general state of health and well-being among students, staff, and faculty in the Faculty of Health
  • facilitators and barriers to health and well-being among students, staff, and faculty, including gaps in support, education and policy
  • opportunities to create more effective support, education, and policy at the Faculty, University, and community levels
  • strategies to promote health and well-being through teaching, supervision, and community engagement encompassing physical activity, health education, community-building, social relationships, leisure and nutrition

The committee provides annual funding for graduate student associations (GSAs) within the Faculty to promote greater health and well-being through the graduate student-led initiative fund.

From May 2021 to April 2022, each of the three Faculty of Health GSAs are invited to apply for up to $3000 to organize and implement events and activities, or invite speakers. Each GSA can apply once per term. Applications are judged according to benefit to their constituency, merit, and fit to the mandate of the advisory committee as outlined above. GSAs will be notified of results at the beginning of that term for the initiatives. Funds cannot be used for research purposes or as salaries.

If you have questions, contact your advisory committee graduate representative listed below. 

Professional students in the School of Public Health Sciences (SPHS) should work with the SPHS GSA.