Start of term LEARN tips


Requesting a LEARN shell for your course

  • Sign onto LEARN
  • Choose a course to request and submit

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Copying material to your LEARN shell

  • Choose 'COURSE ADMIN'
  • Choose 'COPY/Export/Import'
  • Search for the course you would like the material to come from
  • Select 'copy selected components'

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Adding teaching assistants (TAs) to your LEARN course

  • Choose 'CONNECT'
  • Choose 'CLASSLIST'
  • Choose 'add selected member'

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Turnitin® (text matching software)

Turnitin is now available for all course in LEARN.

When you set up a DROPBOX you can enable this function.

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Setting up ereserves

A link can be created in your LEARN site that accesses your ereserves directly.

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Copyright information

For information about copyright policies read Copyright at Waterloo

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