Faculty of Health Teaching Assistant Award

Has one of your Faculty of Health teaching assistants done excellent work this term? Please consider nominating them for the Faculty of Health Teaching Assistant Award.

Up to one Faculty of Health Teaching Assistant Awards valued at $500 will be offered in each of the School of Public Health Sciences, Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences, and Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies per term.

Who can be nominated?

Any current graduate student in the Faculty of Health who serves, or has served, as a teaching assistant (TA) within the current academic year is eligible.

How can I nominate someone?

Nominations may come from instructors, students, and other teaching assistants. Simply fill out the brief nomination form to tell us why they were such a terrific teaching assistant. Please provide specific examples that illustrate the candidate's exceptional teaching quality.

What should I write?

  • How did they demonstrate a strong commitment to the overall learning, academic, and personal growth of students?
  • How did they exhibit clear communication skills during tutorials, labs, and/or office hours?
  • How did they demonstrate intellectual rigour, enthusiasm, and integrity?
  • How they positively influence students?
  • How did they demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of students?
  • How did they contribute to high-quality teaching and student learning (e.g., through tutorials, guest lectures, or in one-on-one meetings with students)?

If you have any questions before nominating a candidate you can contact an Faculty of Health Teaching Fellow.

When is the deadline for nominations?

Nominations are accepted throughout the year, with specific calls for nominations going out via email early in December, April and August.

Who selects the winners?

The current Faculty of Health Teaching Fellows team will select the winners. In the event that a teaching fellow has submitted a nomination for their own teaching assistant, they shall recuse themselves from the process and will be replaced by the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, or a suitable alternate.


Winter 2024

  • Crystal-Jade Cargill, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Ehinomen Oko-Oboh, Public Health Sciences
  • Chloe Karrie Anne Stiles, Kinesiology and Health Sciences,


  • Rachel Almaw, Kinesiology and Health Sciences
  • Jasmine Nijjar, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Megan Dol, Public Health Sciences
  • Noramy Gonzalia Dias, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Tasha Shields, Public Health Sciences
  • Michelle Tomczewski, Kinesiology and Health Sciences


  • Cameron Chiarot, Public Health Sciences
  • Donna Fok, Kinesiology and Health Sciences
  • Elizabeth Kailes, Public Health Sciences
  • Mohad Nasir, Kinesiology and Health Sciences
  • Mackenzie Morton, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Kendra Fortin, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Amanda Demmer, Public Health Sciences
  • Logan Reis, Public Health Sciences


  • Amber Gillespie, Public Health Sciences
  • Kelly Gregory, Public Health Sciences
  • Taylor Kurta, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Amy Matharu, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Hannah Mueller, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • John Read, Recreation and Leisure Studies


  • Liliana Bressan, Public Health and Health Systems
  • Justin Davidson, Kinesiology
  • Jaylyn Leighton, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Veronica Sacco, Public Health and Health Systems

Fall 2019

  • Kalsha Diaguarachchige De Silva, Kinesiology
  • Faith-Anne Wagler, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Candice Dimock, Public Health and Health Systems

Winter 2019

  • Brooke Gibbons, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Allie Serota, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Karen Thompson, Recreation and Leisure Studies

Winter 2018

  • Laura Williams, Kinesiology
  • Kathleen Pauloff, Public Health and Health Systems
  • Jasmine Nijjar, Recreation and Leisure Studies

Fall 2017

  • Taylor Mcguckin, Public Health and Health Systems
  • Michael Poydenko, Public Health and Health Systems
  • Adam Cole, Public Health and Health Systems
  • Louise Watson, Public Health and Health Systems
  • Emma Juracic, Kinesiology
  • Tea Lulic, Kinesiology
  • Jon Thacker, Kinesiology
  • Paige Chambers, Kinesiology
  • Kristen Morrison, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Earl Walker, Recreation and Leisure Studies

Fall 2016

  • Rebecca Mayers, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Maggie Miller, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Leah Graystone, Public Health and Health Systems
  • Cassandra Lowe, Public Health and Health Systems
  • Caitlin McArthur, Kinesiology
  • Jake Tennant, Kinesiology