Reports & evaluations

Performance evaluations

Near the end of the work term, you will receive an email for each student you supervise with a link to their student performance evaluation. Please submit the evaluation in WaterlooWorks at the end of your student's work term to ensure they get credit.

Instructions to complete the form (either using the email link or within WaterlooWorks) are available on our website.

You can also submit a hard copy of the evaluation by downloading the form, filling it out, and mailing it to us:

Your rating will become part of the student's co-op work history. It will be seen by prospective employers when they apply to future jobs. We also encourage you to have an informal midterm evaluation with your co-op student.

93.5%of co-op students receive ratings of very good to outstanding from employers

Work report evaluations

Students write work term reports after their co-op terms. If you’ve hired a Math student, they’ll likely ask you to read and evaluate their report using this form: