WaterlooWorks system updates released for Fall 2021 term

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

On Monday, August 30, our WaterlooWorks system was updated! While the functionality is largely the same, you’ll notice that some of the menus and navigation options look different in order to provide a more mobile-friendly experience for our users. 

Waterloo Works Homepage image

Some of the key enhancements for students: 

  • Job search enhancements:
    • A new quick search option has been implemented to allow you to search for jobs by thematic and academic clusters
    • Levels have been added to the main job search page to allow you to more easily search for jobs by levels
    • A new quick search tool has been added to allow you to access the “Campus Connect” job board
  • Event and appointment enhancements: 
    • You can now access event and appointment surveys via link instead of having to sign in to WaterlooWorks
  • Overall look and feel: 
    • Updates to the menus and navigation options have been implemented to provide a more mobile-friendly experience

For tips on how to use WaterlooWorks to search for jobs, visit our WaterlooWorks Help: Search for jobs webpage and contact your co-op advisor with any questions. 

We hope these updates will continue to improve your user experience within WaterlooWorks, and as always we invite you to provide feedback on WaterlooWorks or your co-op experience more generally by filling out our feedback form.