Performance evaluations

Near the end of the work term, you will receive an email for each student you supervise with a link to their student performance evaluation. Please be sure to review the evaluation with your student and submit it to WaterlooWorks at the end of your student's work term to ensure they receive the credit.

To assist you and your student in identifying these competencies, the University of Waterloo has developed the Future Ready Talent Framework (FRTF), consisting of four talent clusters, that contain three competencies each. The rating system from Outstanding to Unsatisfactory remains unchanged.

Instructions to complete the form (either using the email link or within WaterlooWorks) are available on our website.

Please keep in mind your rating will become part of the student's co-op work history. Therefore, it will be seen by prospective employers when they apply to future jobs. We also encourage you to have an informal midterm.

Thumbsup95.0%of co-op students receive ratings of very good to outstanding from employers

Remember that mentorship is key for co-op student success

Remember that the employment relationship is a partnership between you and your co-op students.


  • Create a supportive atmosphere where your co-op students learn new skills and solve problems – while also feeling comfortable asking questions and turning to you for guidance.
  • Set expectations at the beginning of the work term. It's important to discuss work hours, job responsibilities and mutually agreed upon goals. 

Waterloo co-op students:

  • are high performers who are excited to contribute to your organization and put the knowledge they've gained in the classroom to work.
  • want meaningful jobs where they will learn new skills and contribute to the success of your organization.

Check out our five tips for managing a successful co-op work term.

Student Performance Evaluation form - Effective January 31, 2021

Student Performance Evaluation form

Please download the form to your device and open/fill it using Adobe Acrobat.

Why is the new student performance evaluation important to you?