Employer: Submit performance evaluations

Near the end of the work term, supervisors are sent an email asking them to assess their co-op student’s job performance by filling out a Performance Evaluation form.

  • The email, containing a link to the student’s performance evaluation form, is sent to the hiring contact unless the contact previously provided another person's information on the work term record 
  • The email recipient can easily forward it to a different person to complete the evaluation if needed

To complete the evaluation:

  1. Click the link at the bottom of the email
  2. Review the instructions and complete each question
    1. Use the ‘Save as Draft’ button if you want to finish the evaluation later or review it with the student before finalizing it.  Evaluations are not visible to students when saved as a draft.
    2. Use the ‘Submit’ button to finalize the evaluations.  Once submitted, evaluations are visible to students and cannot be edited.


  • Evaluations must be submitted in order for students to receive credit toward their co-op degree requirements. Evaluations that are 'saved as draft' do not result in students receiving credit.
  • ‘Unsatisfactory’ is the only rating that results in students not receiving official credit for the work term

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