Library ambassadors: written by Mary Lynne Bartlett

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Hi Everyone! I'm Mary Lynne, the Library Ambassador lead. If you're thinking of applying to be a Library Ambassador for the winter term, and have questions about the job, I've got you covered. Below are the questions I get asked the most about the Library Ambassador program.

Here we go...

1. Is this a volunteer position? 

No, this is a paid position. Library Ambassadors make $16.35 an hour

2. How many hours a week will I work as a Library Ambassador?

It varies week to week. The hours depend on the campus fairs and events that are going on. Generally, Library Ambassadors have more hours at the beginning of the semester. I work with your schedule and availability to come up with a flexible and fair schedule.

3. What is the term project about?

Library Ambassadors work in two teams to create and develop a term project that focuses on the Library and student engagement. The possibilities are endless. Some past projects have included Harry Potter trivia, board game cafe, book displays of marginalized groups, mandala cards, and Waterloo Reads book reviews. Really, the sky's the limit!

4. What are the Library Ambassadors' job duties?

Library Ambassadors promote the library at campus fairs and events. They promote library services to students and answer questions about anything to do with the library! Library Ambassadors complete a term project, mentor with library staff, write a blog post about their experiences in the term, do an Instagram takeover, appear in the library's social media posts, facilitate Academic Integrity events, and conduct user feedback sessions. 

5. How will this help me develop professionally?

The Library Ambassador program aims to give students skills in:

  • Critical thinking
  • Interpersonal development
  • Leadership
  • Event planning and delivery
  • Organization skills
  • Problem resolution
  • Customer Service

Library Ambassadors work on these skills throughout the term with public speaking opportunities, leadership and interpersonal skills through the term project, and customer service by answering questions at campus fairs and events along with other opportunities.

Applications are due Tuesday November 20th at 4p.m.

-Mary Lynne