May 2014

Town of Collingwood street and planning data

This vector data resource provides topographic and planning information for the Town of Collingwood, Ontario. This information was delivered to the Geospatial Centre by the Town of Collingwood in April 2014.

Zoning data (2014) for the City of Stratford

Received updated zoning data (2014) from the City of Stratford.

City of Brampton municipal data

Received from the City of Brampton updates to the Geospatial Centre's municipal data set. Also included were new data files for light poles, towers, driveways, vegetation and spot heights.

Global administrative areas (GADM)

The Geospatial Centre acquired updated data (version 2.0 - 2012) to "Global Administrative Boundaries" (GADM).

Region of Waterloo parks data

Parks data from the Region of Waterloo was received on May 7, 2014.