June 2018

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR): Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Received from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR), 2 metre digital elevation models (DEMS) that cover Southern Ontario and parts of the northeast and northwest of Ontario.


ArcGISHub data

Obtained from ArcGISHub, new data files for Cambridge, Kitchener, Kitchener/ Waterloo, Mississauga, Toronto, Toronto crime, Waterloo and World data

North West Ontario Orthophotography Project (NWOOP) 2017

Received from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, NWOOP covers approximately 22,700 kilometres square in northwest Ontario and was taken during leaf off conditions between May 7 and May 19, 2017. The 4 band Red Green Blue Near infrared (RGB-NIR) imagery has a pixel resolution of 20 cm and is available in 1 km tiles.