January 2015

DMTI - 2015 data updates

2015 data updates are now available from DMTI for route logistics, parks, rail, water and EPOI (enhanced points of interest). A file name index (PDF) and data dictionary (PDF) have been prepared to aid users in navigating through DMTI folders and products.

1:25,000 National Topographic System (NTS) (downloadable)

Archival (1964 and prior) National Topographic System (NTS) maps are now available for download from the Geospatial Centre website:


Daily weather maps

Daily weather maps (catalogue number: G3701.C8) are now available online.  http://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/dailywxmap/

Regional Municipality of Waterloo orthoimagery (2014)

In August 2015, the Geospatial Centre received from the Region of Waterloo 2014 full colour orthoimagery. These 1 km tiles have a resolution of 12 cm. Data format are stored as TIFF image files. Individual file size is approximately 205 MB. Total data package size is 389 GB.

Canadian crime data (1998 -2010)

Canadian crime data available at the census metropolitan area (CMA) level, for the years 1998 - 2010. The data was extracted from the Uniform Crime Reporting Survey (Stats Canada).

GIS Day on November 18th!

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Geospatial Centre welcomes Markus Wieland (GIS) Specialist

Markus’ main responsibilities include:

  • Provides advanced geospatial technical and information services
  • Provides instruction on GIS software, in classrooms, workshops and one-on-one
  • Develops geospatial digital projects to enhance data collection access and discovery

Archival 1:25,000 National Topographic System (NTS) maps available through Geospatial Centre

As part of an Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) initiative, the Geospatial Centre has scanned, and made available to the public archival (1957 – 1966) 1:25,000 topographic (NTS) maps. The high-quality TIF files were scanned at 600 dpi, and have an average file size of 750 MB.

To access files, please come to the Geospatial Centre during reference hours.

Greater Toronto Area (G.T.A.) 2013 orthomagery

2013 orthoimagery now available for the G.T.A., through Scholars GeoPortal.


City of Waterloo Lidar (2014)

This data resource was received from the City of Waterloo in May, 2015.  The 1 km x 1 km tiled data set was collected between November 2nd - 3rd, 2014 with an average flying height above ground of 1,200 metres (m) producing a horizontal accuracy of ~0.31 m root square mean error (rmse).

City core boundaries: Waterloo and Kitchener

Received city core boundaries from both the City of Waterloo and the City of Kitchener.

City of Waterloo: 2015 municipal data

Received 2015 municipal data from the City of Waterloo. Updated files include: sanitary and storm sewer, water distribution, bia area, city boundary, creeks, district plans, forests, heritage buildings, heritage district, major transportation routes, neighbourhood associations, official plan, railway, rivers, road cover, schools, sidewalks and trails, water bodies and zoning.

2014 Campus data

The Geospatial Centre received 2014 campus data from the University of Waterloo Plant Operations.


Southcentral Ontario Orthophotography Project (SCOOP) (2013)

Under the guidance of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, over 40 private and government entities worked to produce this product. SCOOP digital imagery (20 cm resolution) was collected with sensor Leica geosystems ADS80 SH82 for areas of Ontario between April 26 and May 7, 2013.

The project encompassed an area of approximately 35,762 square kilometres, covering parts of South Central Ontario including Peterborough, Haliburton, Muskoka, Simcoe and surrounding areas.

Currently available through Scholars GeoPortal:

Regional Municipality of Waterloo orthoimagery (2012)

In April 2015, the Geospatial Centre received from the Region of Waterloo 2012 full colour orthoimagery. These 1 km tiles have a resolution of 12 cm and cover the cities of Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge and surrounding communities.

Watermain breaks data for the City of Waterloo

New data showing watermain breaks was received from the City of Waterloo on February 3rd.

Data courtesy of the City of Waterloo

City of Waterloo orthomosaic (2014)

This data resource is available in both colour (RGB) as well as infrared (CIR) mosaics. Both mosaics cover the entire City of Waterloo and have a pixel resolution of 12 cm. This data was provided to the Geospatial Centre by the City of Waterloo in January 2015.

Region of Waterloo, address and building permit data updates

Received from the Region of Waterloo, address and building permit data updates.

Data courtesy of the Region of Waterloo