May 2020

City of Toronto Lidar (2015)

This data resource was received from Airborne Imaging in April, 2020.  The 1 km x 1 km tiled data was collected April 2015 with an average flying height above ground of 1,300 metres (m) producing a Horizontal Accuracy, 95% or 2σ: 30 cm and a Fundamental Vertical Accuracy (on flat hard surfaces), 95% or 2σ: 10 cm.

The data set includes 1 metre Grids (XYZ ASCII), Hillside Images (Geotiffs), Point cloud (LAS v1.2 and 50cm Contours.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

Got a bit of cabin fever and wish you could expand your sights a bit more? Take a break and have some fun exploring Kitchener and the world around you (virtually, of course!).