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January 2013

City of London, 2013 municipal data updates

Received from the City of London, 2013 municipal data updates.

First Mennonite Church 1813-2013, 200th anniversary display - created by the Geospatial Centre, University of Waterloo

The Geospatial Centre at the University of Waterloo presents a collection of photographs and maps showing the progression of both the church and surrounding area over 200 years.

Income and Housing - 2011 NHS (National Household Survey) from Stats Canada

Received from Stats Canada, NHS (National Household Survey) 2011 census profiles for Income and Housing and are now available at the Geospatial Centre.

City of Waterloo: 2013 municipal data updates

Received from the City of Waterloo, 2013 municipal data updates including two new data files for bicycle parking and public art.

DMTI Spatal: 2013 data updates

Received from DMTI Spatial, 2013 data updates for CanMap RouteLogistics, CanMap Water, CanMap Parks, CanMap Rail, Canadian Atlas, neighbourhood boundaries, platinum postal codes and enhanced points of interest (EPOI).

Greater Toronto Area (GTA): 2009/ 2010 orthoimagery

Received from Land Information Ontario, 2009/ 2010 orthoimagery for the GTA. These digital orthoimages provide full-colour aerial coverage of Toronto core (10 cm), York (15cm), Caledon (20 cm), South Durham (20 cm), Brampton (10 cm), Mississauga (15 cm), and Oakville (10cm),

2011 NHS (National Household Survey) from Stats Canada

Received from Stats Canada, NHS (National Household Survey) 2011 census profiles for age/sex, aboriginal, education/ labour, language, marital/ families/ households, mobility/ migration, immigration/ ethnocultural/ diversity and are now available. Income and Housing census profiles are expected to be released in the near future.

DRAPE (Digital Raster Acquisition Project for the East) 2008/ 2009 imagery

Received from Land Information Ontario, the complete DRAPE (Digital Raster Acquistion Project for the East) dataset (2008-2009) for Eastern Ontario. 20 km mosaics have 50 cm resolution and stored in MrSid file format. Average file size is 1GB.

2008 QuickBird satellite imagery for the City of Waterloo

Obtained in August from Digital Globe, 2008 QuickBird satellite imagery for the City of Waterloo. The imagery Bundle (Pan MS) is Multispectral, 4 bands (BIR, R,G, B) and was captured on May 29, 2008. The 61cm geo-referenced imagery is available in GeoTiff 16 bit format.

Geospatial Centre welcomes Talsan Schulzke

  • Offers geospatial reference and consultation services to library users 
  • Trains colleagues and library users in effective uses of Geographic Informatin Systems (GIS)
  • Assists in creating, maintaining, updating and organizing the Library’s Geospatial data collection. 
  • Assists in the development of relevant teaching and training materials for workshops, classroom presentations and special events 
  • Delivers and maintains geospatial digital and digitalization projects

Public owned parcels - Region of Waterloo

Received from the Region of Waterloo on July 22, parcel data displaying all public owned land within the Region. Parcel ownership is broken down by government agency (region, fed, provincial, etc.)

1951 Census Tracts (CT) and Census Metropolitan Areas (CMA)

Received from the University of British Columbia, 1951 census tracts and census metropolitan areas for 16 Canadian metropolitan areas. Census boundaries were scanned from 1951 census boundary maps from Statistics Canada bound volumes, then digitalized in ArcGIS shapefile format. Metropolitan areas in this resource include: Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Hamilton, London, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Regina, Saint John, St. John's, Saskatoon,Toronto,Vancouver,Victoria,Winnipeg.

City of Kitchener orthomosaic 2012

This data resource is a colour compressed orthomosaic, stored in MrSID image format, covering the City of Kitchener. Aerial photography was flown on April 5 to April 7, 2012, then scanned to digital format. Pixel resolution is 12 cm. The orthomosaic was provided to the Geospatial Centre by the City of Kitchener in January 2013.

Historical 1963 air photos of Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge

The Geospatial Centre scanned and digitalized 1963 historical air photos of Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge and made available for download from the Historical air photo project website.

Atlas of Canada

On January 25, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is launching a new version of the Atlas of Canada website. This version was developed to meet the new web standards for the Government of Canada regarding web accessibility and usability. The new Atlas of Canada site includes all of the content of the previous version, however some of the dynamic map viewing functionality will no longer be available. They will continue to evolve the site over the next few months.

Canadian weather stations

Received from the University of Guelph, data file with 1480 Environment Canada Weather Stations. Data was geocoded from original text table.

City of Kitchener municipal data

On January 7, 2012 the Geospatial Centre received updated municipal data from the City of Kitchener.

15 new GIS computers at Dana Porter Library!

Now Geographic Information Systems (GIS) computing is available to you whenever the Dana Porter Library is open. The Geospatial Centre is happy to announce 15 new computers with ArcGIS 10.1 are now available on the 5th floor of Dana Porter Library. 

Historical blogs prior to 2013

Historical blogs prior to 2013 are available through blogspot.