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Joe Mercer

Fall 2014 - Exchange

HONG KONG - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

I would do an international exchange again! I had so much fun, made amazing friends, and I think learned a lot along the way. Going into my exchange I didn't know anyone, so right from day one I was challenged to figure stuff out and make new friends. This turned out to be no problem at all.friends I met on exchange

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) did a great job helping international students acclimatize, and the people at HKUST were always open and friendly. I ended up hanging out with a mix of people from all around the world, exploring Hong Kong and experiencing the unique culture there. Hong Kong skyline

Touring beaches, hiking and camping in Hong Kong
beaches and camping

Some highlights were dim sum (obviously), hiking/camping on the beautiful beaches, exploring the Geopark by boat, and getting drinks at the tallest bar in the world (118 stories up).

while on a hike can jump from cliffs into the water below

I also took a reasonably full load of courses at HKUST: three pure math courses and a business elective. I'd say the difficulty is about the same as UWaterloo, but the teaching style is less rigorous and more intuitive based. I think getting to experience a different style of learning was (perhaps surprisingly) one of the most valuable lessons I learnt there.

I don't usually take pictures, but there were a couple times in Hong Kong when I was so taken by my surroundings that I had to...

view from the Dorm common room art project at a festival
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