Total and average earnings by co-op students

Total and average earnings by year for co-op students


Five year history of the total and average earnings by students registered in a co-op program

Data Sources

Co-operative Education and Career Action (CECA) - Jobmine and/or Fenwick reports

Inclusions and Exclusions


  • Hourly, weekly or monthly earnings by students on a work term
  • Positions located in Canada and the United States


  • Other benefits such as professional development course fees, travel and lodging arrangements
  • International and unpaid positions

Data Table

Fiscal Year Average earnings Total earnings
2008/09 $10.8K $142M
2009/10 $10.3K $139M
2010/11 $11.1K $161M
2011/12 $11.4K $189M*
2012/13 $11.6K $193M*

*Figures updated December 13, 2013