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Most recent data available: 2022/23
Update frequency: Annually
Next update: June 2024


Research awards funding from sponsors outside of Canada

Data Sources

Office of Research database (InfoEd)

Inclusions and Exclusions


  • Research awards from sponsors outside of Canada, including the United States
  • For multi-year awards, the budget allocated for the fiscal year is reported (not the entire award)


  • Any research awards not administered through the University of Waterloo Office of Research (Affiliated and Federated Institutions of Waterloo (AFIW) and non-academic units may choose administer their awards directly)
  • Research funding that does not flow through the Office of Research. May include research funding that is held in Development and Research Chairs set up in an operating fund (Schlegel RIA)
  • Research sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)


2019/20: Sponsor type ‘Private Sector – Other’ has undergone a cleanup exercise. Previous years have also been revised. With this change you may notice shifts in funding from one sponsor type/grouping to another.

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