Operating revenue by sourceĀ 

This is a figure of operating revenue by source between 2010/11 and 2012/13. Academic fees have become a greater part of operating revenue while grants have reduced their share. Data for this figure are in the Data Table section.


Three year history of operating revenue by source (Grants, Academic Fees, and Other Income)

Data Sources

Finance Office: University of Waterloo General Ledger

Inclusions and Exclusions


  • Grants include: operating government and non-government grants and contracts
  • Academic Fees include: grad and under-grad tuition, co-op fees, student services fee
  • Other Income includes: Investment income on operating investments, unrestricted or non-receiptable donations, income from sales or services


  • Grants exclude: grants in other funds (research, trust and endowment)
  • Academic fees exclude: non-credit fee income

Data Table

Source of Operating Revenue % of Total Amount Rounded along Source Amount
2010/11 Grants 43.92% $240.0M
2010/11 Academic Fees 46.07% $251.7M
2010/11 Other Income 10.01% $54.7M
2011/12 Grants 41.91% $243.2M
2011/12 Academic Fees 48.60% $282.0M
2011/12 Other Income 9.50% $55.1M
2012/13 Grants 39.49% $244.1M
2012/13 Academic Fees 49.77% $307.7M
2012/13 Other Income 10.74% $66.4M