Full-time equivalent students to full-time tenure and tenure-stream faculty ratio  - U15 comparison



Student to faculty ratio of full-time equivalent (FTE) undergraduate and graduate students to regular, full-time, tenure and tenure-stream faculty members

Data Sources

U15 President's Fact Book:

  • Underlying faculty source: All U15 - Statistics Canada Full Time Academic Survey (UCASS)
  • Underlying student source: Institutional Analysis and Planning (IAP) Student Registration Cube

Inclusions and Exclusions


  • Faculty: regular, full-time faculty members with tenure or probationary appointments
  • Students: Undergraduate and graduate students
  • Note: Student data for the U15 members may be reported with modifications to the inclusions and exclusions


  • Faculty:
    • continuing lecturers, visitors, researchers and definite term faculty with an appointment of one year or more;
    • part-time faculty (adjuncts, overload appointments, less than one year definite term appointments);
    • faculty hired directly by the Federated University and Affiliated Colleges
  • Students:
    • a percentage of students based on a calculation of the percentage of students that the Federated University and Affiliated Colleges are paid to teach;
    • The President's fact book excludes the Federated University and Affiliated Colleges financial data and so the decision was made to also exclude the Federated University and Affiliated Colleges taught students for consistency

Data Table

U15 Institution Ratio
A 17:1
B 19:1
C 19:1
D 19:1
E 20:1
F 21:1
G 21:1
H 21:1
I 28:1
J 28:1
K 28:1
Waterloo 31:1
L 32:1