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Most recent data available: 2022/23
Update frequency: Annually
Next update: July 2024


The percentage of co-op students employed (as a percentage of the total population of students participating in recruitment), and the count of co-op work terms by Faculty and fiscal year.

Data Sources


Inclusions and Exclusions


  • Final employed students, divided by the count of students participating in recruitment


  • Students not active in recruitment (UU, UO, UC, UXX, and F statuses)


2018/19 - An updated co-op employment rate has been introduced in 2019 and will be reported moving forward. This rate expands the definition of unemployed students actively participating in recruitment: The previous rate only counted students searching for employment through the co-op interview process as active, while the updated rate also counts students searching for employment outside the co-op interview process (arranging their own job), and students awaiting a decision on employment secured external to the co-op interview process. Previous years, back to 2013/14 have been restated.

2019/20 - Employment rate data was re-stated for fiscal years 2015/16 and earlier, to be consistent with current employment rate definitions.

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