Alumni donation statistics 2012/13

Alumni Donation Statistics.  See data table.


Participation of alumni giving to the University of Waterloo as of 2012/13

Data Sources

The Advancement database - Raiser's Edge

Inclusions and Exclusions


  • Alumni with valid contact information- selects all alumni who have a home, business, or other valid contact address on the database
  • Alumni donors-anyone who has made a gift during a discrete fiscal year period


  • Alumni without a valid address on their record are not considered "reachable", and therefore are not factored into the participation rate
  • Currently we do not include alumni with only a valid email address (i.e. require a valid address)

Data Table

Statistics 2012/13
Number of living alumni 160,453
Number of contactable alumni 133,124
Number of alumni donors 7,076
Percent of alumni donors participating 5%