Fire restoration work is expected to continue into late August. The main stairwell and office wing on both second and third floors of the Physics building will be closed until necessary repairs to the main stairwell are completed.
Administrative offices have been relocated to PHY 345.

Please contact individual faculty members to request appointments, as many faculty have been relocated during this process.
Please do not cross any caution tapes whilst in the building.


There are many programs and specializations to explore. You can choose Co-operative or Regular; Honours Physics, Life Physics, Mathematical Physics, Materials and Nanosciences, or Chemical Physics; as well as the option to specialize in Applied Physics, Astrophysics, Biophysics or Medical Physics.

All of the major programs share a core of physics courses, and diversify based upon this strong foundation in science.

If Physics is not your major area of study, we also offer minors in Physics or Biophysics.

More information about the minors can be found in the undergraduate studies academic calendar.

Important information

How to apply to your program

Tuition, and estimated fees

Financial aid, scholarships & bursaries

Housing and residences

What is co-op?

The Co-op program offers the chance to graduate with up to 2 years of relevant working experience. 

After graduation

See what some of our graduates are doing now - look at the Career View Mirror