Your Co-op and Career Journey at the School of Accounting and Finance

Your Co-op


SAF students train hard and fast for the business world. Being in a co-op only program means that you'll test-drive your professional qualities by integrating your knowledge and skills in 4 (AFM, SFM, Biotech/CPA, Math/CPA) to 6 (CFM) paid co-op work terms.

Coursework and case studies give you the knowledge to perform in business. The experience you get in the workplace makes a critical difference. The entrepreneurial, communication, and real-world problem-solving skills you gain accelerate your professional development and make you eminently more employable. As you hone your skills, you're discovering your interests and passions. Altogether, you'll have an amazing competitive advantage.

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Vidhya Nagarajan, Levy Creative Agency
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AFM, SFM, Biotech/CPA, Math/CPA: Work in financial management roles in major corporations, start-ups, public agencies and not-for-profit organizations; student accountants in public accounting firms and a variety of roles in financial services.

CFM: Work in financial management and computer science roles in major corporations and professional services firms (including financial services), start-ups, public agencies and not-for-profit organizations.