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2017 Co-op Photo Contest, 1st place winner: Karolina Gaebe (Asia)

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Welcome to international co-op!

Experience a work term in your field of study outside of Canada.

  • There were more than 2,600 co-op work terms in 60+ countries outside of Canada in 2016/17.  See Strategic Plan Indicators for Global Prominence & Internationalization
  • Most outside-of-Canada work terms are in the USA, while others take place outside of North America in locations such as Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Japan.
  • About 80% of co-op students working in the USA are employed through CEE's employment administration system.
  • About 50-55% per cent of co-op students working internationally, outside of Canada and USA, arrange their own jobs.

2,600+international work terms in60+ countries

Learn more about working abroad, by reviewing:

Mandatory pre-departure training

If you have done a previous work term abroad or not, you must complete the online pre-departure training in LEARN. This is mandatory for all Waterloo students.  Instructions will be sent to you once you have been enrolled in the training.

Relevant contacts

  • International visas / permits to go abroad:
  • International (non-USA) co-op opportunities:
  • USA J-1 visa information:
  • USA co-op opportunities: Your assigned WTS (information on WaterlooWorks)
  • Co-op work permits for international visa students studying at UWaterloo: