Working abroad

Photo Contest 2018 - 1st Place

2018 Co-op Photo Contest: 1st place winner - Rebecca Wong, Mechanical Engineering, on her Spring 2018 work term to Hong Kong

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Welcome to international co-op!

Experience a work term in your field of study outside of Canada.

  • There were more than 2,600 co-op work terms in 60+ countries outside of Canada in 2016/17.  See Strategic Plan Indicators for Global Prominence & Internationalization
  • Most outside-of-Canada work terms are in the USA, while others take place outside of North America in locations such as Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Japan.
  • About 80% of co-op students working in the USA are employed through CEE's employment administration system.
  • About 50-55% per cent of co-op students working internationally, outside of Canada and USA, arrange their own jobs.

2,600+international work terms in60+ countries

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Mandatory pre-departure training

If you have done a previous work term abroad or not, you must complete the online pre-departure training in LEARN. This is mandatory for all Waterloo students.  Instructions will be sent to you once your job is on your work term record and you have been enrolled in the training.

Relevant contacts

  • International visas / permits to go abroad:
  • International (non-USA) co-op opportunities:
  • USA J-1 visa information:
  • USA co-op opportunities: Your assigned WTS (information on WaterlooWorks)
  • Co-op work permits for international visa students studying at uWaterloo: