Print using the Printsrv network

Printsrv allows one to print from a large variety of printers located on campus without having to know their IP address.

Note: The Printsrv network is only accessible from the on-campus Nexus machines.

  • In your computer settings, search for "Printers & scanners".
  • Click "Add a printer or scanner" and select "The printer that I want is not listed". Depending on your computer, there may be an "Add manually" option.
  • Check the box titled "Select a shared printer by name" and type "\\printserv\sci" (for science only) and you’ll see the different printers from different rooms.
    • The "add printer by TCP/IP address" option is an alternative way to print from one of these computers if one knows the IP Address for the specific printer that one wants to use.
      • To do so, check "Add a printer using an IP address or hostname" option. Click "Next"
      • Select "TCP/IP Device" as the Device type. Check "Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use".
      • When you click "Next", it should start contacting the printer. 
  • Select your desired printer and click "Next". This will allow you to print from the chosen printer.