Breakout rooms and the lobby

Breakout rooms

  • Only Hosts and Cohosts are able to create breakout rooms.
  • While in a meeting, click Breakout Sessions at the top of the screen. Click Enable Breakout Sessions from the drop down.
    • Choose the number of breakout rooms and whether the selection will be automatic or manual
      • Automatic: Attendees are automatically divided amongst the chosen number of rooms.
      • Manual: The Host or Cohost can choose who goes into which rooms, and how many people are in each of the rooms.
  • Breakout Sessions button will now be visible at the bottom of the screen. Click this button to review the breakout rooms and move attendees into or out of them.
  • Clicking again on Breakout Sessions at the top of the screen and selecting Enable Breakout Sessions from the drop down once more allows for breakout rooms to be disabled.

Sending to the lobby

  • Only Hosts and Cohosts are able to send attendees to the lobby.
  • In order to be sent to the lobby, an attendee cannot be a presenter. If the desired attendee is a presenter, have them give presenter status to another person in the meeting or have the host or cohost click on their own profile picture in the participant's panel.
    • When hovering over a profile picture in the participant's panel, the words Make presenter should be visible. Click, and presenter status will transfer to this new person.
  • As a Host or Cohost, right click the name of an attendee (who is not presenter) and click Send to lobby in the dropdown.
  • To return an attendee that is in the lobby to the main meeting, click the new Admit button at the top of the participant's panel.

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