Alumni Profile: M. James (Jim) Hendry

M. James (Jim) Hendry, PhD


BSc Earth Sciences ‘75, MSc Earth Sciences ‘78, PhD Earth Sciences ‘84

Professor and NSERC-Cameco Industrial Research Chair

University of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, SK

Dr. Hendry’s long-term research program focuses on defining the geochemical and hydrogeologic controls on contaminants released to the environment by waste rock and tailings during mining operations. This also includes the ability of clay-rich geologic deposits to contain contaminants and the controls they exert on paleo and present-day groundwater systems. His research benefits mining sectors to better assess their environmental impacts and improves our understanding of clays as repositories of high-level nuclear waste as well as containment for fugitive gases derived from conventional and unconventional sources.

Dr. Hendry joined the University of Saskatchewan as a Professor and endowed Cameco Research Chair in 1995 after working in the private sector and for governments.

In his career, Jim has garnered many awards and professional recognition for his research including the Henry Darcy Distinguished Lecturer, John Hem Excellence Award in Science and Engineering, an NSERC Synergy Award, which is Canada's highest award for research collaboration between industry and academic partners, and a DSc from the University of Saskatchewan. He was elected a Fellow of the Geological Association Canada and a Fellow of the Geological Society of America.