Science Alumni Gold Medal award

Each year at Convocation, one graduating science student is presented with our Alumni Gold Medal Award. The recipient demonstrates outstanding academic achievement in his/her undergraduate program of study. It has been awarded since 1976. Traditionally, this prestigious award is presented to the graduate by a Science Alumnus as a symbol of the ongoing and vital role of alumni contribution to the university.

2021 Gold Medal Recipient


Max C headshotCongratulations to our 2021 Gold Medal Alumni Award recipient!
Max Chemtov, BSc, Mathematical Physics

One thing that stood out during my time at UW was the sense of community within my cohort – everybody was there to help each other out, which became especially important when classes went online.

Previous win​ners:

  • 2020- Matthew Schmitz, Biomedical Sciences
  • 2019- Isaac J. De Vlugt, Chemical Physics
  • 2018- Ryan Robert Ferguson, Mathematical Physics
  • 2017- Gillian Hawes, Chemistry
  • 2016- Yefeng Zhang, Materials and Nanosciences
  • 2015- Yuqing Tang, Mathematical Physics Co-op 
  • 2014- Kevin Eng, General Science
  • 2013- Henry Thai, Biochemistry Co-op
  • 2012- Qiaoyuan Dong, Physics and China 2+2 program
  • 2011- Ilia Droujinine, Biochemistry Co-op
  • 2010- Amy Reinhart, Biomedical Sciences
  • 2009- Anam Ovais, Biology Co-op
  • 2008- Kathy Lam, Biomedical Science
  • 2007- Robert Koztyla, Physics Co-op
  • 2006- Valerie Athaide, General Science
  • 2005- Andrew Allen Cressman, Physics Co-op
  • 2004- Justin John Malecki, Physics, Co-op
  • 2003- Kurt James Gray, Psychology 
  • 2002- Graeme C. Couture, Biochemistry
  • 2001- Brian J. Nieman, Physics
  • 2000- Tracey L. Campbell, Biochemistry Co-op
  • 1999- Karim Mithani, Optometry
  • 1998- Sanjeev S. Seahra, Physics
  • 1997- Andrew Michael Wachner, Physics
  • 1996- Heather Katherine Dobson, Applied Chemistry Co-op
  • 1995- Stephen Douglas Bartlett, Physics & Math Co-op
  • 1994- Susan Moore, Biology Co-op
  • 1993- Robin B. Le Blanc, Chemistry
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