Alumni profile: John F. Eix

John F. Eix.
With a true passion for science and science education, John has dedicated his entire career to lighting up the minds of young scientists everywhere.  As one of Canada’s top high school science educators, John has already been highly decorated in his field, including being selected for the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence in Science, Technology and Mathematics.

John has exemplified himself as a science educator. Beyond the classroom, he has written numerous texbooks and manuals, developed new labs to illustrate concepts, presented workshops in chemistry and physics education, acted as a consultant to the Ministry of Education and coordinated a number of international conferences in chemistry and science. Since 1978 John has been heavily involved with the Science Teachers Association of Ontario (STAO), including Vice President and President of the organization. John graduated from the University of Waterloo in 1964 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Honours Chemistry.