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student tries out the van de Graaf generator with volunteerUniversity of Waterloo Science Outreach connects our students with your students! Our in-person and online workshops help science discovery happen. The various resources that we offer to Grade 1-8 classrooms and community groups are shown in the Grade-specific table below and linked to more detail in the following sections. Please visit our online booking form to register your class for a visit.  

Elementary school teacher resources: Curriculum connections and outreach programs

V: virtual/online; IP: in-person; OC: on-campus only

Grade Life Systems Structures and Mechanisms Matter and Energy Earth and Space Systems

Needs and characteristics of living things: Welcome Home Bear V

Materials, objects and everyday structures

Energy in our lives:
Energy Exploration IP

Daily and seasonal changes: Welcome Home Bear V

2 Growth and changes in animals:
Building Bugs IP
Medieval Machines IP
Properties of liquids and solids:
Matter Matters IP or WWCGF or What Floats in a Moat? V

Air and water in the environment: WWCGF

3 Growth and changes in plants:
Root of the Matter IP
Strong and stable structures:
Earthquake! V, IP or One Dog Sleigh V
Forces causing movement:
Earthquake! V, IP or What Floats in a Moat? V or One Dog Sleigh V
Soils in the environment: WWCGF
4 Habitats and communities:
Wetland Food Web IP or WWCGF
Pulleys and Gears:
Pulling Your Weight IP 
Light and sound Rocks and Minerals:
Rocks and Minerals with the ESM V, IP, OC or Earthquake! V, IP
5 Human organ systems:
Fight or Flight V, IP
Forces acting on structures and mechanisms:
Natural Disasters with the ESM
Properties of and changes in matter:
Crime Labs V, IP
Conservation of energy and resources:
All the Water in the World with the ESM
6 Biodiversity Flight:
High Flyers V, IP

Electricity and electrical devices

Exploration Mars V, IP or Observatory tour OC
7 Interactions in the environment Form and function:
Entrepreneurial Science IP
Pure substances and mixtures:
Mix it Up V, IP
Heat in the environment
8 Cells:
Marshmallow Meiosis IP
Systems in action:
Watershed Moments IP or Entrepreneurial Science IP
Hydro-Logical Cycle IP 
Water Systems:
Watershed Moments IP or Hydro-Logical Cycle IP or WWCGF

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